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Same Difference

By Lolita Chattoraj Sengupta

Boomer Misfit Same Difference_edited.jpg

Hard hitting and self-deprecating humour, rarely found in Indian authors.

Lolita's first delightful book is about her life through her twenties to fifties; recounting her funny escapades, from watching Amitabh Bachchan from the gent's toilet window in Wembley, to facing subtle and subliminal racism, and looking for work in the UK; from her utter exhaustion with her prematurely born child to her heartbreak now that he has gone overseas for his further studies.
Her columns are hilarious but hard hitting, and she has a self-deprecating humour rarely found in Indian authors. Her experiences are pedestrian, but her observations acute, and disarmingly honest. If you have had any multicultural experience in the West and in India, or are generally fumbling through life, making mistakes and not learning from them, you will love this book.

Jayant Kripalani, noted writer, film, TV, and theatre personality launched the paperback version at Kolkata on November 26, 2022

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