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Ethical, Moral and Philosophical Aspects of Obstetrics & Gynaecology - An Indian Perspective

By Dr. R. Anjaneyulu  | 1994 (Republished in March 2024)

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About the Book

Most medical books written by physicians are meant for the benefit of the medical fraternity: physicians, medical students, nurses or paramedics. This book entitled `Matrudevobhava’ extolling the mother is written by a senior obstetrician of India who has a vast experience both as a skilled clinician and as a popular post-graduate teacher for over 40 years. Through this volume he not only brings out so lucidly the scientific and technical aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as a…

About the Author

‘Obstetrics is a very different science of Medicine. It is far above all other branches. In other faculties of Medicine, when we remove anything from the body, we throw it away as it is a dead useless tissue. However, in Obstetrics, whatever we remove from the Mother’s body, is given to her as her most loved offspring, which she rears throughout her life. Hence Obstetrics is a pious, spiritual and divine science. It takes care of Motherhood!’

This quote of Prof. R. Anjaneyulu reveals his nature. He was one of the greatest Obstetricians and Gynaecologist, no doubt; over and above that he was much more a philosophical and spiritual person. His philosophy towards his profession, particularly Motherhood was probably a unique aspect of his personality. He has his own philosophical way of thinking about each and every step of motherhood, which he has very artistically and aesthetically depicted in this book ‘Matrudevobhava’.

Now in the twenty-first century, various organizations all over the world have introduced the concept of Respectful Maternity Care and are implementing it at all the levels. However, Prof. R. Anjaneyulu had practiced and have taught all his students Respectful Maternity Care way back since the 1950s. He had always considered mothers as Divine personalities and respected them as Goddesses. This concept, though not under the same title, has been discussed throughout the book ‘Matrudevobhava’.

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