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Don't Think Big. Think Giant.

From passion to profit, embrace failure and break barriers to build your dream startup

By Dr. Satish M. Bhavankar | Feb 16, 2024

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About the Book

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Satish M. Bhavankar, a passionate entrepreneur and mentor with a PhD in Management.

Forget cookie-cutter formulas; this book unveils the secrets of turning passion into profit, transforming setbacks into stepping stones, and building startups that defy gravity. Whether you're a wide-eyed dreamer, intrapraneur or an aspiring entrepreneur, let Dr. Bhavankar's scars and triumphs guide you through the exhilarating yet unforgiving terrain of entrepreneurship. Turn the pages and discover the tools…

About the Author

Dr. Satish M. Bhavankar is a highly accomplished innovator, holding a doctoral degree in management. With a distinguished career as the Director and Co-Founder of the Yenilik Foundation, Dr. Bhavankar has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

His journey began with his first startup, which was akin to an "Aquahired" venture, where he navigated the complexities of acquisition and integration, laying the groundwork for future success. His expertise lies in empowering startups to secure funding and access global markets across 90+ countries. Dr. Bhavankar's focus on cultivating exceptional user experiences (UXD) and guiding startups in product differentiation underscores his dedication to excellence in the field.

With a keen understanding of open innovation principles, Dr. Bhavankar excels at forging successful partnerships that drive growth and profitability. His proficiency in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship positions him as a trusted authority in the industry.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Dr. Bhavankar remains committed to personal growth and exploration. Whether conquering challenges or delving into new ventures, he embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence.

For those seeking guidance and expertise in leveraging technology and entrepreneurship for business expansion, Dr. Satish M. Bhavankar offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

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