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No Ugly Scars

30th Anniversary Edition

ISBN: 978-81-936773-0-8

Arriving in December 2023

NO UGLY SCARS: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SURGEON is a path-breaking book containing glimpses of the gripping life-story of an eminent Neuro-Surgeon, Dr. B. Dayananda Rao—whose eventful career as a Public Health Administrator, Hospital Superintendent, the first Neuro-Surgeon of Andhra Pradesh, Professor and Principal of a prestigious Medical College, spanned four-and-half decades.

Woven into the fabric of narration, the reader will find spicy incidents, sparkling wit, humorous episodes, and events of autobiographical charm. The author hitched his wagon to a star-total commitment to public good. His stethoscope and scalpel were as sensitive as a seismograph to the slightest tremors of the suffering poor.

Apart from presenting a graphic description of the hospital systems, innovative practices and team-work witnessed during his stays and long tours in England, Germany, United States and other countries where he watched world-famous surgeons in action, Dr. Rao delineates the human-interest story of his private life- experiences and his European tour with his wife. Excerpts from the diary maintained by Mrs. Rao contain candid camera-shots of certain interesting occurrences.

Written in an engaging style, the book is an invaluable source information and inspiration to readers in general and practitioners of medical profession in particular.

About the Author

Dr. B. Dayananda Rao

Born on 25th June 1916, Dr. B. DAYANANDA RAO, was a student of Andhra Medical College at Visakhapatnam, where he had obtained his M.S. Degree in General Surgery in 1946, winning the Major Edben Gold Medal. During 1955-57, Dr. Rao was trained in Neuro- surgery in U.K. with Mr. G.F. Rowbatham of New Castle-on-Tyne and on his being posted as the first Neuro-surgeon in Osmania Hospital and as Professor in Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, he built up the Depart- ment brick by brick to a recognized Post Graduate Teaching Centre by 1968.

While his special interest was Head Injuries, Dr. Rao has to his credit over a hundred original acclaimed papers. Dr. Rao was elected President of the Neurological Society of India in 1968 and was a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Scientists in 1977. Dr. Rao retired as Principal of Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad in 1971.

Having had a life full of action and happiness and belonging to a generation of pre and post-Independence era which is fast fading out, Dr. Rao has been an eye-witness to both these periods. Dr. Rao travelled extensively in U.K., U.S.A., and U.S.S.R.

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